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Our Mission

(Re)claim Your Fertility:

Many women spend a good part of their fertile years trying not to get pregnant.

When they’re finally ready to start trying, they realize how little they know about their fertility beyond how to avoid it.

Many women don’t learn about or are unaware of their full fertility potential, nor do they know the signs, symptoms and preventable causes of fertility challenges that are within their control to change.

It’s time to become the expert on your menstrual cycle, your reproductive hormones, your fertility window, your egg quality and all of the steps you can take to optimize your fertility potential.

It’s time to take control of your reproductive health and claim your fertility.

And if at some point you believed it was something lost or not in your hands, it’s time to reclaim it.

It’s time to move from fear and uncertainty and to being informed and trusting your gut.

It’s time to become a Fertilitist.

Where are you on your unique journey?