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About us

Fertilitist Founder, Dr. Dominika

Fertilitist was conceived after Co-Founder and Naturopathic Doctor Dominika found herself “MacGyvering” her own fertility plan. At the ripe old age of 39, she was of advanced reproductive age, had been diagnosed with low ovarian reserve, and after nearly two years of trying and two miscarriages, she knew she had to throw the kitchen sink at improving her egg quality.

She knew about the power of accumulative advantagethat small differences lead to big gains. Together with dietary and lifestyle changes, she decided to combine high quality supplements, acupuncture, fertility tracking, and a regular self-care practice that involved mindfulness, self-love, and trust to improve her fertility potential.

Shortly before she was scheduled to begin IVF, she spontaneously conceived. Nine months later, she gave birth to a sweet n’ spicy baby boy who’s been rocking her world ever since.

Fertilitist co-founder Justyna

Co-Founder and Nutritionist Justyna watched from the sidelines the challenges and hurdles her sister Dominika went through before she finally became pregnant with her uber adorable nephew. While she hopes to have her own family in the future, she’s not there yet. But she is determined to take her fertility into her own hands. It’s why she decided it was critical to create a unique journey for not-yet-mothers, focused on preserving your fertility.

Dominika and Justyna believe that women who want to conceive are ready to do so with authority over their reproductive health. Getting pregnant may or may not require collaboration with a health care team, but it's always about intuitively knowing and trusting our body and resourcing ourselves in a way that leaves us feeling empowered on our journey to conceiving with confidence.