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Intermittent Fasting and Fertility

Intermittent fasting for fertility? ⁠

Yes - BUT only for women with high fasting insulin levels. This is a simple blood test I have all my patients do. If it's high, that insulin could be getting in the way of follicle maturation, harming egg quality, and affecting placenta development. So for fertility we need to decrease it. ⁠

Fasting is an effective and simple way to lower fasting insulin levels. ⁠

HOWEVER, for women, fasting for too long is seen as a stressor by the body. ⁠

So I never recommend longer than 14 hours. 12-14 is the sweet spot. ⁠It means no calories, and no coffee (which essentially raises blood sugar). 

I always check in with the patient that this is well tolerated, that they're not experiencing disruption in their sleep, or getting hangry, because those are signs we're revving up adrenaline and skewing our hormones. ⁠

If I'm using it in the right patient base, I hear RAVE reviews, people love it. They feel a clearer mind, more energy, lighter. It could be a simple and effective tool for your health. 

Have you ever tried intermittent fasting? How did you feel?