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What you should know 3 months before TTC

If you are making positive changes to your health prior to conception, how long should you remain consistent with them to see a positive benefit to egg or sperm quality?

It takes approximately 114 days for an egg to mature from start to finish, and approximately 72 days for sperm. So, we like to recommend 100 days (or approximately 3.5 months) to have the intended effect.

Egg and sperm quality is strongly affected (and harmed) by oxidative stress. This is a biochemical reaction caused by everything from nutrient deficiencies, poor detoxification capacity, or a low oxygen environment. Oxidative stress is increased from normal exposure to things like chemicals, pesticides, plastics and air pollution that we are exposed to on a daily basis. If your genetic makeup does not allow you to swiftly deal with these, the accumulation looks like oxidative stress.

Oxidative stress is damaging to egg and sperm, and so in order to improve egg and sperm quality we need to buffer them from this toxic environment from the beginning of their maturation process. So, month over month as those eggs and sperm mature, you’re going to gain an improvement. The peak benefit will be seen at approximately the 100 day mark.

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